Resistenza all’uso degli ipoglicemizzanti orali nel trattamento del diabete tipo 2: uno studio multicentrico

Gianluca Falcitelli, Giuseppe Armentano, Corrado Pugliesi, Patrizio Tatti, Antonio Cimino



Type 2 diabetes is an important social and health care system variable due to its large diffusion, frequency of clinical complications and its health care costs. The studied population is relative to 4 italian centers distributed all over the country (Brescia, Roma, Rossano Calabro and Avola). This work has the aim to describe the Italian type 2 population according to treatment choice ruled by diabetes stage, glycemia control and HbA1c concentration. The analysis present a description of the therapeutic changes during the year of observation too, giving a complete picture of patients distribution and their treatment path through diabetes evolution in Italy.


Type 2 diabetes; oral anti-diabetics; Insuline; Epidemiology; HbA1c

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