Valutazione dei costi di trattamento dei disturbi psicotici con olanzapina, risperidone e neurolettici tipici di un DSM italiano

I. Rossi, L. Guidi



Objective of the present retrospective analysis was to evaluate resources consumption for psychotic patients treatment with olanzapine (OLZ), risperidone (RIS) or typical neuroleptics (NL) during year 2000 in the Dipartimento di Salute Mentale (DSM) of Ravenna. The screening of total number of psychotic patients followed in the Ravenna DSM during year 2000 generated 26 cases treated with OLZ, 22 treated with RIS and 17 treated with NL that were respecting criteria of equivalence for age and illness severity. For these patients we analyzed pharmacological, non pharmacological (medical visits, nurse visits, social assistance, rehabilitative sessions) and hospital interventions during the year of observation, choosing the point of view of the DSM for costs attribution. The analysis of pharmacological interventions evidentiated a major usage of associated neuroleptics in the RIS and NL groups in respect to OLZ (p<0,05 OLZ vs RIS and OLZ vs NL), other significant differences were about associated anticholinergics (OLZNL>RIS, p<0,05 for all comparisons). Hospital days during the year of observation in the three groups were 4,42 for OLZ patients, 7,71 for NL patients and 10,95 for RIS patients (p<0,05 for all comparisons: OLZ vs RIS, OLZ vs NL and RIS vs NL). The sum of pharmacological, non pharmacological and hospital costs (from 8.856.000 to 10.818.000 LIT) didn’t generated statistically significant differences even if the OLZ group followed more intense rehabilitative activities (+71,65% vs RIS and +24,41% vs NL).

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