Appropriatezza clinica ed economica: strumenti e modelli di valutazione e gestione dell’attività psichiatrica

Carmine Munizza, Salvatore Nieddu, Maurizio Bianco



The Italian health care system is experiencing a profound reform process: due to the increasing level of expenditures, new models of organizations are being experimented to increase both efficiency and efficacy of the health care delivery system. In this general framework, our group has developed a research project with clinical, statistical and economic implications. The ambitious aim of the project is to improve the allocation and management of resources assigned to Mental Health Departments, on the basis of recent experiences in the Piedmont region. The paper presents the methodology developed to implement the project “ Evaluation of Appropriateness of care and Costs of Psychiatric Disorders”. The project aims at analysing both appropriateness and efficiency of the routine care provided by the various agencies of three Mental Health Departments. We believe that a regular monitoring of both appropriateness and efficiency of care would assist in the development of rational choices for the allocation of funds and the clinical management of patients.

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