Impatto del centro diurno sui costi di assistenza di pazienti affetti da alzheimer probabile, un.esperienza della asl di Città di Castello

A. Trequattrini, L. Guidi, R. Cestini, M. Mezzetti, F. Ciappi



Objective of the present work is to evaluate the economic impact caused by the attendance of the Local Health Care Unit Diurnal Center (DC) by Alzheimer disease patients. 21 Alzheimer patients were observed prospectively during 8 months: 2 months before DC attendance (period 1), 4 months during DC attendance (period 2) and finally 2 months after DC discharge (period 3). Data collected were analyzed and average resources consumption was translated into monetary costs according to the Local Health Care Unit point of view and family burden. Our analysis showed a significant cost reduction during DC attendance in respect to period 1 and 3, both on Local Health Care Unit and family sides. During period 2 (DC attendance) patients showed a significant clinical improvement too, as demonstrated by MMSE (Mini Mental State Examination), ADL (Activity of Daily Leaving), IADL (Instrumental Activity of Daily Leaving) scales. Finally our work demonstrates that the DC is a valid and economically advantageous support for the health care assistance of Alzheimer patients on SSN side and that it is able to reduce the burden of continuous care giving for families.

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