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Profili di responsabilità infermieristica in un caso di amputazione dell’avambraccio da errata pratica infusionale in neonato prematuro

Luigi Pais dei Mori



[Nursing responsibility profiles in a case of forearm amputation by wrong infusion practice in a premature newborn]

This article refers to the case of a premature newborn twin (23 weeks of gestation + 6). Of the two brothers, only one survived, in a highly compromised state of health that led to a notable and dramatic series of clinical events: infectious complications, chronic renal failure, viscera herniation, intestinal perforation, and thrombocytopenia, treated with various infusions of platelet concentrates.

During an infusion of platelet concentrate, an extravasation occurred with important tissue infarction. The lesion created, secondary to ischemic necrosis, evolves into dry necrosis, from the hand to the whole forearm, and leads to the amputation of the right forearm, despite the various attempts, pharmacological and surgical, experienced to avoid the extrema ratio.

The purpose of this article is to analyze what happened considering scientific clinical evidence and the profile of responsibilities related to nursing practice.

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Infermieristica Legale; Medicina Legale; Neonatologia; Stravaso; Infiltrazione; Infusione; Piastrine

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