Nilotinib after imatinib failure

Luca Pezzullo



We here report a case of a woman who was diagnosed as having chronic myeloid leukemia. She started imatinib at standard dose of 400mg/day and she reached a poor haematological response after 30 days of treatment. For good compliance treatment we increased the dose of imatinib at 600 mg/day. after 3 months the patient has not achieved hematologic remission and imatinib compliance has deteriorated. Considering the patient as a failure and intolerant at this time, he switched to second-generation tyrosine kinase inhibitor, nilotinib at the dose of 800 mg/day. She reached complete cytogenetic remission after 3 months and nilotinib and regressed the side effects of imatinib.


Chronic myeloid leukemia; Imatinib; Nilotinib; Cross-intolerance

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