Crossing-over to imatinib 800 mg in a patient with GIST, after progression with standard dosage: a case report

Giuseppe Naso, Enrico Cortesi



A 69-years-old patient underwent radical surgery to remove a lesion of small bowel with histological diagnosis of malignant primary stromal cancer of the gastro-intestinal wall (GIST). After a disease-free survival of 25 months instrumental evidence of loco-regional recurrence was detected with subsequent resection of the ileum: histology confirmed recurrent high risk GIST. After 34 months, TC scan showed peritoneal and hepatic progression of disease. Treatment with imatinib was started with standard dose of 400 mg/day, obtaining partial response on peritoneum and liver radiological complete response, after 5 months of therapy. Patient continued treatment with the same dose for 20 months. When radiological progression was detected we decided to increase imatinib to 800 mg/day based on the results of two principal phase III studies. Radiological partial response was reached after three months of therapy. Actually patient is still in treatment with imatinib showing stable disease with good tolerance.


Imatinib; GIST; Dose

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