Un raro caso di aplasia eritroide pura che occulta un carcinoma squamoso della lingua

Massimo Incagliato, Antonella Daffonchio, Lidia Celesti, Amedeo Bottero, Francesco Balbi, Massimo D’Ulizia, Emilia Ballestrero, Monia Costanzo, Valeria Primon, Amelia Leone, Giancarlo Gambarotta

DOI: https://doi.org/10.7175/cmi.v5i2S.1116


We report a case of acquired pure red cell aplasia (APRCA) associated with carcinoma of the tongue: the first was considered a rare paraneoplastic syndrome. We point out that there is no case in literature with this association. After surgical operation (subglottic laryngectomy + right lymphadenectomy + laterocervical on the right) the transfusions required, at the beginning very frequent, decreased relevantly. This is a typical case where the paraneoplastic syndrome precedes the diagnosis of the primary carcinoma of the tongue (one year before what happens in bronchogenic carcinoma).


Pure red cell aplasia; Paraneoplastic syndrome; Carcinoma of the tongue

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