Systemic amyloidosis due to unknown multiple myeloma in small bowel pseudo-obstruction: case report

Giuseppe Caparrotti, Diego Di Maria, Elia Iovane, Clemente Martone, Francesco Graziani, Giuseppina De Falco, Daniela Esposito, Claudio Marotta, Giuseppina Papa, Isidoro Orabona, Davide Albino Rossetti, Nicola Armiento, Gennaro Ferrara, Pasquale Pezzella



Amyloidosis is a pathologic diagnosis characterized by extracellular deposition of insoluble protein fibrils in various organs and tissues. There are two main forms of amyloidosis, primary amyloidosis, and secondary amyloidosis. Gastrointestinal involvement is common in both amyloidosis forms.

We describe the case of a 78-year-old woman taken to the operating room for small bowel obstruction, found to have pseudo-obstruction and enteritis. Exploratory laparotomy revealed gastric mass and histological examen showed extensive amyloid deposition consistent with amyloidosis. Hematological evaluation revealed unknown multiple myeloma. This case report and literature data suggest to perform a hematological examination in patients with amyloidosis diagnosis to exclude a multiple myeloma or other plasma cell disorders


Myeloma; Amyloidosis; Pseudo-obstruction; Hypogammaglobulinemia; Congo red stain

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