Atypical Presentation of Periodic Paralysis: A Case Report

Aysun Isiklar



Hypokalemic periodic paralysis (HPP) is a kind of periodic paralysis, which is a heterogeneous group of muscle diseases. It is characterized by episodes of flaccid and sudden muscle weakness.

Here, we present a case of HPP. The patient was referred to our department because of severe dizziness and fall. After a comprehensive evaluation, a markedly low potassium was detected. The patient’s symptoms resolved after replacement of potassium and he was discharged without deficits. Even though the literature reports an association with exercise, carbohydrate load, and stress, further workup in our patient revealed no association with these precipitants. A proper differential diagnosis should rule out other causes of weakness and paralysis, thus allowing a timely treatment.


Periodic Paralysis; Potassium; Muscle Weakness; Dizziness; Hypokalemia

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