Hopkins’ syndrome

Maria Roberta Longo, Raffaele Falsaperla, Catia Romano, Eleonora Passaniti, Piero Pavone

DOI: https://doi.org/10.7175/cmi.v5i2.508


Hopkins’ syndrome is a rare disease that affects the anterior horn of the spinal cord after an acute episode of asthma in children with atopic disease. A viral infection or immunological suppression in atopic subjects might be the cause of occurrence of this syndrome, although the mechanism due to the etiopathogenesis of the disease still remains unknown.In general, this disease is manifested by a few days to a few weeks after an acute asthma attack, with flaccid paralysis of one or more limbs and in some cases residual muscle atrophy. The response to corticosteroid therapy is good and rare the possibility of recurrence.


Hopkins’ syndrome; Asthmatic amyotrophy; Asthma; Childhood

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