A case of inflammatory ascites

Marco Biolato, Maria Letizia Gabrieli, Antonella Gallo, Luca Miele, Laura Riccardi, Massimo Montalto, Giovanni Gasbarrini, Antonio Grieco

DOI: https://doi.org/10.7175/cmi.v2i1.582


Even ascites appears mainly as sign of portal hypertension in patiens with liver cirrhosis, in some case depends on a different lying condition such as right congestive heart failure, peritoneal carcinomatosis or tuberculosis. In these cases, paracentesis represents the key tool for diagnosis. We report a case of cardiac ascites in a 71-years-old woman who developed in four-month an abdominal distension. Preliminary exams showed exudative ascites related to portal hypertension, a pelvic mass with caseous apparence, and inflammatory status ad an elevation of CA-125. Successive evaluation exluded peritoneal carcinomatosis or tuberculosis, underlyng a tricuspidal regurgitation. The literature on ascites has also been reviewed.


Ascites; Serum-ascites albumin gradient; CA-125; Peritoneal tuberculosis; Cardiac ascites

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