Very Late Onset Multiple Sclerosis associated with Restless Legs Syndrome. A case report

Isabella Righini, Livia Pasquali, Ilaria Calabrese, Alfonso Iudice



We report the case of a 83-year-old woman suffering from Restless Legs Syndrome since 2002 and Multiple Sclerosis since 2007. She had been diagnosed as Restless Legs Syndrome five years before multiple sclerosis, with the support of a polysomnographic examination. The clinical diagnosis of multiple sclerosis took place at the age of 75, when she complained of walking difficulties and abnormal sensitivity in lower limbs, especially in the evening. Associated symptoms included dysesthesias on the left leg and arm and left emitrunk, visual acuity reduction, blurred vision and fatigue. The brain magnetic resonance showed multiple lesions in white matter, inconsistent with a vascular disease but suggestive for a demyelinating disease. She was admitted at the hospital, where the spinal fluid examination and a second magnetic resonance confirmed the diagnosis. Since that, the patient regularly performed medical examinations and magnetic resonance controls which didn't show any increase of lesions burden nor pathological enhancement, but a slow worsening of ambulation. Due to the patient’s age, a disease modifying therapy for multiple sclerosis was not established, the only drugs being represented by symptomatic agents.


Late Onset Multiple Sclerosis; Restless Legs Syndrome; Comorbidity

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