RHC 2011;2(3)201-202

Reviews in Health Care 2011; 2(3): 201-202


Congress announcement: Pharma eMarketing Congress 2011

Annuncio congresso: Pharma eMarketing Congress 201


It is truly a new and exciting era in medical publishing. Open access is changing the way of thinking about licensing and copyright; in advanced eBooks, the plain text is brought to life by interactive multimedia; collaborative writing is modifying the concept of authorship; social networks are subverting the nature and dynamic of patients-doctors communication and mobile apps are narrowing the gap between reading, learning and surfing.

Technology has prompted changes not only in the publishing field, but, more generally, in the medical communication context. Pharmaceutical marketing plays certainly a great role in this context.

Exciting as it can be, this new scenario is not so easy to understand. Are doctors really interested in joining social networks? Smart-phones can be the right tool for reference drug information? More advanced types of media, such as online gaming, can be brand enhancers in the future? Marketing costs may be reduced using new communication technologies, such as eDetailing? And what about regulations and rules?

All these questions can find an answer during the forthcoming Pharma eMarketing Congress 2011, that will take place in Lisbon the 13th and the 14th of September.

The congress will bring together the most relevant speakers: pharmaceutical executive of all the most important international pharmaceutical companies, experts in web 2.0 strategies, eDetailing, marketing strategies, and so on.

The essence of pharmaceutical marketing is communicating the information about trials and products to providers and consumers. The conference will offer the doctor’s point of view. During a special section, Dr. Bertalan Mesko will discuss how the new generation of doctors – ie those confident in new technologies – would like the pharmaceutical sector to communicate with them.

Furthermore, case studies will give some advice on how to create a multichannel marketing campaign, establish an eCME pathway and use emarketing tools for OTC products.

It has been estimated that almost two thirds of doctors are interested in joining physician social networks. In addition, a growing number of patients are using social media in order to share opinions on treatments and drugs. As a consequence, the program of the congress reserves a great space for social media. All their aspects are discussed: benefits and challenges, regulatory aspects, and how they can be implemented in pharmaceutical industry.

This two-day conference is certainly a great opportunity to discover current trends and future developments in pharmaceutical eMarketing and, more generally, in medical communication. Being always interested in new technologies and new trends in medical communication, SEEd medical publishers will attend the conference as media partner. We will then publish some reports and interviews in the forthcoming issues of this Journal.

Those who are interested in participating can find the program on http://pharma.flemingeurope.com/pharma-emarketing.


For more information contact: Peter Novak.
Marketing manager. Fleming Europe.
T: +421 257 272 110; email: peter.novak@flemingeurope.com; www.flemingeurope.com


We hope you will join us!


Silvia Maina. Editor, SEEd Medical Publishers


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