Maria Caterina Cavallo, Filippo Cipriani, Simone Gerzeli, Nadia Demarteau, Alessia Marocco, Francesco Bamfi

DOI: https://doi.org/10.7175/fe.v9i1S.1012


In Abruzzo region 55,4% of women (aged 25-64) are screened regularly, meaning every 3 years. Considering regional tariffs and vaccine acquisition cost, the vaccination of 12-year-old girls with a 90% coverage could prevent 29 cases of cervicocarcinoma and 12 related deaths and thus results to be cost-effective (20.836 €/QALY). When the vaccination programme is extended to 16-year-old girls a further 28 cancer cases and 12 deaths could be prevented, with a very similar cost-effectiveness ratio. In Abruzzo region, the net cost for woman vaccinated is 199 € for the single cohort and 202 € for the multiple cohort.


Abruzzo; HPV vaccination; Economic & clinical impact

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