Ketorolac vs. morfina nel trattamento del dolore acuto in pazienti traumatizzati: un’analisi di minimizzazione dei costi

G.L. Colombo, B. Borghi, M. Caruggi, A. De Nicola



Aim of this study is to develop an economic valuation comparing ketorolac vs. morphine for the treatment of sharp pain caused by heavy limb injury, in traumatology ward and in first aid ward. As cost minimization analysis, this economic valuation has been based on clinical results of Rainer et al. (2000). Ketorolac and morphine have the same efficacy in calming the pain; the greatest difference in the clinical outcomes is about the morphine side effects (nausea, vomiting and phlebitis). Assuming the hospital point of view with a differential costs perspective, the ketorolac patients showed two consequences than could generate lower resources consumption: less side effects and the reduction of time permanence in first aid ward. Considering the drug cost, the administration cost and the side effects treatment costs, the expenditure for every single morphine patient is L. 23.385, vs L. 4.875 for a ketorolac patient, with a difference of L. 18.510.

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