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FIFA 18 Frosty shine

Not only playful, but also technically FIFA 18 makes a step forward. Despite not being able to spot any great graphic changes last year, despite switching to Frostbite Engine, the title looks much finer and more detailed this year. Of course you still notice the typical FIFA backbone (especially for players who have not been scanned), but the game now convinces with great lighting effects and bright colors.

Above all, the lighting conditions are outstanding and sometimes even to the game element. On a sunny day, it can happen that half of the square is lit Dragon Mania Legends Free Gems up so much that it's hard to keep track. As with real football, a team is blinded for one half. Even the rain looks better and has more impact on the game. The ball then rolls slower and players also start to slip. Very beautiful!

Especially the place looks great, because you recognize areas where many duels took place. Also the jerseys shine with many small details and the player models were for the most part pimped up. Unfortunately, some players still look a little over-subscribed. The presentation is once again excellent. The North American MLS and the Spanish La Liga are now fully licensed, so you can see the original TV impressions from these leagues.

In addition, acoustically really great stadium atmosphere comes over. The fans are even louder, have more songs up their sleeves and react differently to different situations. Top! Also pretty cool: Hack FIFA 18 PC during game interruptions can now perform fast player changes without having to go to the menu. The game proposes a change that you just have to confirm. Unfortunately, the suggestions are not always completely accurate.

The trip goes on

Speaking of TV atmosphere: The started last year story mode around the young English player Alex Hunter will of course continue. As in the last year, you make decisions in the cinematic cut scenes - which hardly influence the plot -, complete training sessions and try to assert yourself in the games. The story takes you through the ups and downs of the football business again. Alex gets offers from other clubs, which makes neither FIFA 18 Hack PS4  his current club nor the fans happy.

In addition, the family drama is spun around Alex. The story is very cliché and has some logic holes, but is still entertaining narrated. Above all, there is not so much idle time this time around. Story sequences are not so long in coming and it is always a bit of variety offered playfully. For example, the story begins with a small street kick in a Brazilian backyard. Also nice: FIFA 17 Hack Online You can now put Hunter on different clothes, change his hairstyle and give him some tattoos.