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Where in Florida are you from?

Originally from Gainesville, Florida. The sole Factor in Gainesville is the University of Florida. Everything revolves around the Gators.

Tom Petty's out there.

Oh yeah, a couple bands. Hot Water Music.

What is there to skate in Gainesville?

The University of Florida has a ton of spots. The town is pretty much taken up by the school.

Let us go through your nicknames. You have Quite a few. Condor, Gary Busey Jr, Ethan Hawke--after weekly, that is got by me. Neil Heddings calls me Chipmunk. Converted into TL Stashman. Are my lips that thin? I swear I have the lips here. The mustache makes the lips appear lean? Burn Victim, that's from Hitz. I believe Sam's given me most all of them.

What made you pick up a walker throughout the Y2K scare? Shouldn't you have been tending to more important stuff, like stockpiling soup?

I moved to Florida because of a family Bullshit, and also my next-door neighbor skated. It looked amazing, so I picked up a plank--a Powell Angel Girl, though this was ever anything. I must have been stockpiling soup, but I was 11 or 12 so which was the last thing on my mind.

Tops would you go through in an Average afternoon?

Oh man. Gotta bring a few of shirts. An average summer day in Florida? You are able to fill a top with perspiration in about 10 minutes.

Ever ollie a gator?

No. This should be one of my aims in life, though.

When did you make the move into California?

Around Three weeks after graduating high school. I drove out here in 2006.

What made you do it?

Skateboarding, rather than needing to live in Florida anymore. Desired to skate cool stuff with cool people who I looked up to.

Your photograph in Thrasher was that the half-Cab Flip Wilshire down--we met, and I believe neither of us understood what the other do. That night, what happened?

That was just like 2006, a few months later I moved out here, the weekend of Goofy Vs Regular. That was definitely a night that is really good. Diggler and Andrew Elliot were there. I could hear them making stakes. Greg Piloto front hurricaned the 10 rail.

Was that your photograph in a magazine?

Certainly the first one in Thrasher.

Where was the footage? This filmer, Arie, kept Getting in the way.

The half-Cab flip was in the Foundation Cataclysmic Abyss bonus part that Diggler and that I shared.

You set up your boards backward, together with your Nose as the tail. Why? When did you get started doing this?

I've been doing that since I started. I Just thought the side was that the tail. As soon as I rode for Foundation they screened the images back for me. Creature provided to do that but I don't need to hassle anyone.

Do you place your trucks on backwards?

On accident yes. It didn't work out well. It was horrible.

Some men don't know what to do if they get To a spot. You look pretty at the top of it: What is gonna work, what will look great, and you understand what has been done there. Why is it that you go about it like this?

I feel like I understand what I'm capable of and What to try. Itry it'll have something in your mind, and hope for the best. I will try for something else, or proceed to some other place if it doesn't work out.

What about if the rail was slammed into by you?

Some friends from Minnesota were in town and That spot got brought up. It was across from Turn Yeto. Before security came out, I stuck on a few 180s. I believed I'd one more try. I jumped into the rail and ended up spending five months in the hospital. Seven surgeries to remove my spleen, half of my pancreas; the incision got infected, and also my lungs collapsed and had to be drained.

I was tube-fed for four months. That's pretty much it. Came from the hospital weighing 115. Certainly a life changer.

How much was the bill?

I do not even know. Component was coated by Insurance, however now the collection agencies are following me.

What is "Game?"

Shit, I dropped. I wouldn't know how to Explain it, but I just lost. If you think about it, you lose. If someone is speaking about

a soccer game and you consider "the sport," you lost "the game."

Can you just date models that are super?

No, I don't only date super models. That's Navarrette's deal. He dates models that are super.

Is it a good idea Account for packages that are private?

Fuck, I asked Lee for this, although I guess not one Time and he gave it to me so I used it. I didn't have a lot of money. I received an angry message from him after I used it a few times.

Being the only soggy on Creature, are you currently Fearful of Stu Graham's return to the countries?

No. Stu's the very first man on Creature I fulfilled. I rode for Ezekiel and they came to Florida. I have not seen him for years.

You haveta go to Scotland to see him.

It would be amazing to do a trip there to see him.

Who is Jeff Kendall?

Is not he an Santa Cruz pro? Does he have Partial possession in NHS?

If Alex Horn asks to borrow something of Yours, do you allow him?

Cranston? I feel like I'd have to, but could I Expect it back? Probably not. I'd expect it to be lost by him, although I'd feel obligated.

You know he's gonna lose it for sure. So You're a part of the Huf shoes. How's that going? How did it come about?

One of my friends was in the city with Damian Bravo in the time. I moved to LA and met up with him, and everything about it's been amazing--the app the team, and the sneakers.

Since Ambiguous brings a filmer or Photographer?

Ghost has a few too many beers. I've just been On one trip. We moved to Guadalajara and that I broke my ankle on a ramp.

Who's your preferred guy to room with on an Ambiguous tour?

I always room with Jimmy. He performs Sonic on His device all night. It's pretty mellow. Either him or Alex Schmitt, he kills it.

Nickname Scorpo.

You have. What do you do?

For Keep a non-profit breast I work Cancer awareness. I ship a bunch of these "I heart boobies" bracelets. Thousands and thousands of these. Because I am not handling the breasts it is more of a job, although having to take care of boobs daily may seem really cool. Nonetheless, it's good that I have a job.

Future plans?

Moving to Florida. Finish my part to the OJ Video, which hopefully comes out in March, but it keeps getting pushed back. Working on a video. Huf and some Creature stuff stuff. Ambiguous is Speaking about a promo video.