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Bio Statement The ping pong Federation is running a five day Level 1 training course at Prince Edward, that started yesterday and is largely geared toward female participants Slovenian expert Polona Susin, who's the ITTF development officer responsible for its maturation of ping pong on earth, is coaching 20 participants around the technical characteristics of the sport he'll also touch on physical and mental preparations for a championship, such as training athletes with a disability This programmme simplifies a post-secondary coaching camp for junior ping pong players who begins on Monday and ends with recommendations to the growth of the game from the coach "People who would like to boost their livelihood in ping pong will find it essential to share in this class according to requirement from the ITTF "Now we did introductions but I'm happy to have a major group of girls partaking because it is the good foundation for the evolution of ping pong, " explained Susin Susin, who also ran the very same classes in Botswana and Liberia, said the game had grown Africa together with Nigeria, Egypt, Algeria and Tunisia emerging since the powerhouses "In many countries you'll observe possible, also in athletes, however the absence of capital hamper their chances to be vulnerable "But at Level 1, it doesn't have anything to do with cash which could develop into effect later when trainers need motivation "It's essential that tutors keep a partnership between themselves and set co-operation between colleges to keep persistence," she stated Zimbabwe ping pong Union president John Muringani explained this route had arrived at the ideal time when they had been planning for the Four Nations Tournament in Zambia this month "We lacked coaches that are licensed because the last time this was ran processes weren't followed "This led to the participants failing to have their certifications," he explained Muringani stated the participation of girls in ping pong has enhanced Zimbabwe's players continue engaged in competitive tournaments in 2009 at South Africa and in the Four Nations Tournament in Malawi in which they won a bronze medal.