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Harley Kennedy

Bio Statement Thank you very much for your July article on the Lyme Disease case, because you were able to clearly express what we, scientists and caregivers, think, but have not made clear, being a judge and a party and suspected of having a conflict. interests wrongly. We were dismayed to see that news articles and radio programs were trapped by false expertise and sadly disastrous accounts. I am a doctor, professor of internal medicine, with a competence on the management of Lyme borreliosis, I was one of the editors of the consensus of 2006, I saw many patients suspected of this disease, [...]. I recovered many patients who had the course (serology in Germany, veterinary PCR, tictox, multiple antibiotherapies) who had an undiagnosed disease: rheumatoid arthritis, Horton's disease, polycythemia primitive ... The particularity of our specialty is to be able to evoke the rare diseases and the atypical forms of frequent diseases and to be able to explore the patients who are addressed to us for not very specific symptoms or atypical complaints like the fatigue the multiple pains [...]. Your analysis seems to perfectly summarize the current problematic. UK Education Essay Help