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The 21st Century line of bedding is also promoted as a no movement bed. In the heart of the product line's layout is a molded heart, with a top that includes an oxygen based pillow that conforms to various pressure variants.

Merchandise prices start at $699 for the 2120 starter, and top at $999 for your queen size 2180 pillow top mattress.


 For most consumers, a mattress is an enigma: A Rectangle containing springs, polyurethane and other cryptic substance.


 That is precisely why Englander decided to Launch its 21st Century line of bedding - to provide consumers something they can comprehend a never turn and zero motion bed.

 Launched last October and revealed again this Past April at the High Point market, the 21st Century bedding line is now coming into its own.

 According to vice president of manufacturing Lee Simon, no additional bedding manufacturers create a never flip mattress. "They have all tried, but there is nothing as unique as this merchandise in the market. Not even close. Our competition has attempted to laminate foam and innerspring, but it doesn't work out exactly the exact same. These features are exclusive to Englander," Simon highlighted.


 The 21st Century line revolves around what Simon caned a molded core. "The mould produces two different sides, the base being plain in so much as it doesn't get turned over. The top has an oxygen kind of pillow which allows for variants of pressure when someone lies down on the mattress, equalizing the person's pressure points onto the bed."


 "How all this came about is that I Saw a chair cushion done this manner," explained president Roger Jasperson. The second influence in producing the 21st Century concept was "going back into the old Jeep seats, which have the identical type of molded core"

 Continued Jasperson, "When I was looking In the seats I asked myself why we couldn't deliver that into a futon mattress."

 The Business developed 21st Century bedding for 18 months before it was actually shown to any retailer, Jasperson recalled, and it had been analyzed at both an independent laboratory -- Minneapolis based Twin City Testing - and a laboratory in Carthage, Mo. as well.


 When asked what the catalyst was for producing A bed that has a never turn, zero motion notion, Jasperson was quick to explain. "The simple reason is that with all other futon mattresses you start with an innerspring. Then you put in an insulator pad that lays over the top. You then place layers of foam, or cotton and or fiber plus it's afl placing there loose and it just gets fastened on the edge rod.

 "Our mattress is all 1 piece," Lasted Jasperson. "There is no foam to change, no cotton to raise up, no insulator pad to maneuver. And that is why it never needs to be turned. The main reason you flip an innerspring mattress would be to get all the filling materials to repay.


Also, this mattress has convoluted posture cushions on just 1 side so there's never any reason to flip it. Same thing using a latex [rubber] mattress. You can rotate it but there's not any reason to turn it because you're going to receive the same surface on both sides.


 The line is now composed of four models. In queen-size retail prices, the 2180 pillow-top is $999; the 2160, a lavish mattress without the pillow-top is $899; the 2140, a firmer mattress is $799; and the 2120 starter mattress, which can be firmer yet is priced at $699.

 Rollout of this 21st Century line began with The East Coast and is currently available across the nation. While Englander's presence is strongest in the East, acknowledged vice president of operations and marketing Rick Tomlinson, that is likely to change over the upcoming few decades.

 "We've got a five-year marketing Plan," continued Tomlinson. "Its purpose and focus is to work with the dealers by producing dynamic and exciting point of purchase and in-store marketing programs, and to keep on coming out with products such as the 21st Century, which offer traders a difference. We wish to work with traders, becoming their spouses and getting more engaged in consumer advertising."


 Promotion and promotion for online, noted Tomlinson, also include the ongoing evolution of the 21st Century Gallery. "This really is a gallery within our Englander lineup gallery. It draws attention to how this is a very different item. We have developed two to three parts of neon which we have found to be quite successful in our gallery apps. It sets us apart on the ground."

 Further, noted Tomlinson, Englander is functioning Closely with three to four new factories in different areas. (Right now there are 15 domestic factories as well as centers in Mexico and Canada.)

 While the never flip and zero motion features Seem like a sure sell, the genuine test of how the line is faring is in the retail level.

 For Paul Croft, president of this nine-store Chain Mattresses & More established in

Norwood, Mass., the product has of the Bells and whistles. Carrying three SKUs at a range from $799 to $999 in queen, Croft clarified, "The fantastic thing is it is a simple gallery with a point-of-purchase program that's second to none"

 Both attributes, the zero-motion and Never-flip, are powerful selling points, asserted Croft. However, he noticed, the never-flip feature in consumers' minds


Is like changing off at a vehicle. "If people Do not change the oil in their car they do not feel guilty, just like they don't feel guilty about not turning their bed. What actually makes an impact is the zero movement. All the bells and whistles that people relate to're there using the 21st Century line, not the smoke and mirrors. It is a fast, easy product to sell," Croft noted.

 Croft, who also sells Serta and Restonic Mattresses, stated that the 21st Century bedding, on the floors since February, "has a hook and a handle and enables me to do all types of promotional things. With this bedding, I will position myself as a person different than a price promoter."


 Echoed Richard Olender, proprietor of Olender Furniture & Sleep Shops, a 3 store chain based in Schenectady, N.Y., "The 2 attributes, never having to turn the mattress and the fact it is motionless, are big pluses with clients. It is the closest thing we can give a user to sleep in one bed."


And, Olender lasted, really revealing the Customer the way the zero motion feature works is just as important as explaining its advantages. At Olender Furniture shops, the 21st Century bedding is displayed in a gallerized part of the shop that, based on Olender, adds a feeling of importance. "Anytime you set something apart it provides more credibility to everything you're selling," he added. Olender, who just carries Englander bedding goods, has enjoyed success using 21st Century. "We believe in it and think it is the way of the future."

 In Rossville, Ga.-based Kinder's Furniture Mall, which occupies more than 200,000 square feet using its own showroom and warehouse, general director Wade Fowler also consented that Englander's 21st Century bedding, along with also the coordinating point of purchase materials, do well with consumers. "This product is something distinct in the marketplace," commented Fowler. "That really is a strong selling point - Englander has something that none of their opponents can talk about."


 Even Though the furniture mall carries a broad Number of vendors and products, Fowler prefers to maintain the bedding suppliers to a minimum, with a strong focus on high excellent futon mattresses. "In general, we sell more superior bedding. And with Englander's merchandise priced right to start with, the superior price points fulfill their competition's core price points," Fowler related.

 The 21st Century line, expanded from three models To four with the addition of the cushion top, will go into the October High Point market. "There are still things that we are able to do with that bed," explained Jasperson.


"We could actually make a queen size futon mattress using a different firmness on each side by changing the gauge of the innerspring. Down the line we can also do the same thing at a king size. We haven't stopped @g about things which may be carried out with this unit. Hopefully we will think of a procedure that might get us down to some $599 to $699 class.

 "Dealers want something that is different That will assist their general bedding company to get those price points off the $299 to $499 range," lasted Jasperson. "When we set the 21st Century up in a dealer, together with the complete gallery, consumers walk in and say |Wow! What's this!' They ask about it, they put down on it from that point it is quite a simple market because even though all mattresses have foam and fiber in them, this bedding lineup has it but it's all in one solid piece."



 The relaxation in the 21st Century bedding will Last between 10 and 12 years, claimed Jasperson. "With average innerspring mattresses it is unusual if the innerspring weakens," explained Jasperson. "It's always the filling materials that start to repay. It is settled in there. There isn't anything to settle."

 Will competitors look to replicate this mechanism If it proves as successful as expected? In accordance with Jasperson, "I am sure [our contest] is looking at it today, but the procedure and equipment are extremely costly. You are taking a look at wen around $1 million to start considering getting into this."



 "We believe this is really a product of the Future," said Jasperson of the company's choice to name the bedding line that the 21st Century. "This really is a high tech item."

 "What came to mind is that we are fast Approaching the 21st Century," additional Tomlinson. "We believed we had the Tech of beds of the future, so it was a natural tie in: the technologies of Tomorrow available today. Obviously, as we proceed, the 21st Century is Likely to be a real attention."