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Forsyth Rosendahl

Bio Statement LeewayHertz is a premium digital technology company that provides end-to-end Product Engineering and Digital Transformation services to Enterprises and startups across the globe.

Innovation is at the heart of all technical solutions, especially in the ever changing technical world in which we live. It is really motivating to work at the heart of this innovation, by developing blockchain solutions and cryptocurrency portfolios for Rakuten.

blockchain development company

What is the most difficult?
The blockchain aspect and the field of cryptography add a whole new level to the role of software engineering, and although it's a nice and exciting part of my job, it's also the hardest part, because of its complexity.

What kind of training and skills do you need to become a Blockchain Software Engineer?
There are many online tutorials to familiarize yourself with current blockchain technologies. Apart from this, on-the-job training is probably the most effective way to discover the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency, as these universes are constantly evolving.

How do you think your work will evolve in the future?
It is almost impossible to predict what the future holds for blockchains and crypto-currencies, but I believe they are not ready to disappear and they will be increasingly adopted as their benefits are better. better apprehended. That's why I think the platform we're working with will become an important part of Rakuten's products and we hope to open it as a truly distributed network outside of Rakuten.


What makes a blockchain software engineer laugh?
I cannot help but laugh when asked what chip or cryptocurrency to invest. If only I knew the answer to that question!