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Poulsen Cervantes

Bio Statement Throughout the process, Fractional Focal Ultrasound interrupts cell membranes, restores normal circulation, eliminates waste and produces a volume decrease which subsequently lessens the fat quantity. The overall result improves the look of the double chin, and a more defined jawline.

Side Effects & after-care Who's Sygmalift for? Although Latest Non-Surgical Facelift Therapy is safe for all ages and skin types, it's best for people that want to fix skin. Patients 40 to 50 years old who are considering a face lift or those in their late 20s onwards searching to get a more glowing V-line. A great alternative to surgical face lift, Sygmalift is a top focused ultrasound using cold laser. It gives one facial stability with no without downtime. The five degrees of power permit the ultrasound waves to reach varying depths of the tissue consequently targeting the proper areas for the best results. Before starting the treatment you'll need to find out one of the physicians for a consultation. The physician should analyze your skin and explain in detail what Sygmalift can perform for you. The nurse may employ cool gel to your face before beginning as a means to penetrate well to the skin and to decrease discomfort during the process. The very first portion of the therapy is the focal point ultrasound. This will lessen the fat and raise the muscle. The next part is the laser, that can stimulate collagen production as well as tightening. The therapy is completely pain free and incredibly relaxing. Each region will require from 45 min to 1 hour of treatment per session The full outcome of this Sygmalift will be viewed after 2-3 month. Actual result may change depending on recipient's reaction to treatment. It's not an immediate fix. We advise that you do 2-3 sessions with every one-week apart for the best outcome. Later we urge follow up therapy 1-2 times each year to maintain the impact of the treatment. The very first signs of aging- facial folds and lines, specifically in Nasolobial folds could be made less notable upon 1-3 Sygmalift sessions. There are no side effects from the Sygmalift. Actual result might change based on receiver's response to treatment. The sole after-care we recommend is to use a good sunscreen and moisturizer. Please stay from sunlight for the rest of the day after the therapy. The day after it's possible to continue your normal task again.
Repeat therapy What is the purpose of low level laser light in Sygmalift? This brings about a biostimulation effect which energizes the tissues for oxygenation and quicker cell turnover. Therefore, the skin's healing process is sped up and hydration tissues are stimulated to skin rejuvenation. Thermage uses monopolar radiofrequency to penetrate skin and stimulate collagen deep underneath through the heating effect. While both Thermage and Sygmalift contribute about comparable skin firming and tightening action, Thermage treatment is more painful in contrast to the nonsurgical Sygmalift. Duration-wise, Thermage must be done yearly for best results while Sygmalift is usually recommended once a month and three sessions for optimum results. The areas we focus on are the eyebrow, nasiolabial fold, and the jaw line, the brow, the neck and about the eyes. We can also lift the brow and also smoothen lips, but in such regions we still recommend using Botox and fillers.

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