L’impatto della prematurità sulla qualità di vita del bambino

Mario Eandi, Paolo Manzoni

DOI: https://doi.org/10.7175/fe.v12i3S.986


In the last years prematurity rates have increased, together with the survival rate among premature subjects. In addition now even infants born at 23 weeks of gestational age can survive. However, some studies demonstrate that premature children are more likely to show late disabilities and to be hospitalised during childhood. In Italy the premature childrens’ care level too often depends on the socio-economic status of the Region: central decisions about assistance until the beginning of teenage are yet to be taken. A strict monitoring of pregnancy and of risk factors predisposing to premature birth as well as a careful management of perinatal period should further improve survival and quality of life of these subjects.


Prematurity; Death in neonatal age; Morbidity during childhood

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