Acknowledgement to Reviewers (2021-2023)

The editorial staff of Clinical Management Issues (CMI) would like to thank all the reviewers who, with their support and their active cooperation, have contributed to improving the scientific rigor, precision and accuracy of the contents.

  • Jitender Aneja
  • Silvia Azzali
  • Novella Carannante
  • Roberto Catanzaro
  • Antonio Chiacchio
  • Maria Teresa Giuffrida
  • Gianpaolo Grisolia
  • Sahar Issa
  • Ilaria Izzo
  • Marteen Limper
  • Emmanuel Luciano
  • Parth Mehta
  • Giuseppe Murdaca
  • Ifeanyi Nwosu
  • Anna Maria Petrungaro
  • Michele Poletti
  • Simona Puricelli
  • Antonio Rosell-Camps
  • Giorgio Russo
  • Pierre ThorĂ©


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