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Clinical Management Issues considers mainly case reports for publication, but accepts also articles on clinical management of a disease, case series, congress reports, retrospective analyses, applied research articles, and clinical trials.
Authors should consult the Instructions for authors for advice on manuscript preparation and submission.


Clinical Management Issues is indexed online:

What are the advantages for you to publishing on Clinical Management Issues?

  • Open access: your paper is readable by anyone in the world for free.
  • Electronic journal: there are no limits on the number and size of the papers we publish.
  • Independent and peer reviewed


Authors are welcome to send their manuscript to obtain an opinion from the Editor about the suitability of their paper for the journal. Our Editor will do a quick review (not peer review) of your paper and advise if they believe it is appropriate or not for the submission to the journal.

Commercial use

No articles from Clinical Management Issues website may be reproduced, in any media or format, or linked to for any commercial purpose without the prior written consent of SEEd Srl and payment of an appropriate fee. For further information on commercial use of published papers please click here.


There is no Article Submission fee, No Article Publication fee and No Article Processing fee.


We look forward to receiving your manuscripts.

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