Premature cardiovascular disease: evaluation and management of risk factors

Angelo Bosio, Flavio Cerrato, Claudio Pascale



We describe the case of a 50 year-old man admitted to the hospital for a cardiovascular event. The patient had multiple cardiovascular risk factors that should be evaluated and treated before the acute event, sparing the need for a coronary artery bypass surgery and the hospitalisation. Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in the world, due to coronary heart disease and stroke. This case report reminds us the importance of cardiovascular prevention, analysing the main risk scores and showing that the risk assessment of this patient could have lead to an earlier diagnosis of familial dyslipidemia, to an earlier therapy, and thus to a lowering in the risk of a cardiovascular event.


Premature cardiovascular disease; Risk factors; Genetic dyslipidaemia; Atherosclerosis; Risk assessment

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